Autism Spectrum Disorder & Cognitive Delays

We believe that those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or cognitive delays are not defined by their condition.  They are first and foremost children intentionally created by God.  These uniquely gifted children have a mind, a body and a soul that has the same needs and desires as other children.  The difference is in their hyper sensory skills which can overload their minds. Because of this, our goal is to give these children a learning environment that helps them organize their sensory systems and see themselves as an integral part of God’s world.

While our goal is straightforward, the way we accomplish this for each child is complex. Because each child is an image bearer of God and is created with unique gifts and struggles, we believe it is important to individualize their instruction without compromising community. We employ a variety of methods to help our students learn to focus their minds and calm their bodies, so they can grow in their love for God and neighbor.

Therefore we will:

  1. Provide our students with a well-ordered, consistent, and sensory sensitive environment.
  2. Help our students see who they are in the context of God’s world.
  3. Teach our students clear communication and use clear communication in training.
  4. Coach our students in loving their neighbor through structured actions.  
  5. Guide our students through as much academic material as they are capable. 

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