The Atmosphere

We take a one-room schoolhouse approach to teaching while incorporating modern methods of pedagogy for all types of learners. Student to teacher ratios are what make the one-room approach work. The integrated classroom also encourages students socially, spiritually, and cognitively. 

Learning Groups

Our students work through specific learning groups rather than grades. Each student reaches various milestones on their way to secondary school. We also limit classes and teach subjects in context. Our integrated humanities course  has an annual theme that all learning groups are working through together.  Our humanities incorporates reading, writing, poetry, grammar, spelling, history language, and Bible. Math is tutored individually, and science is learned through hands on experiments where major concepts  are practically realized. Memorization is practiced through songs, skits, and games. Classical input is given to each student and the expectation of output is based on their God-given abilities. This enables us to take students that are either  accelerated or delayed in learning.

Learning Groups

Joy in Learning

We offer a robust academic program that is fun. Our goal is not only to teach students concrete concepts but to do so in a way that fosters an intense love for learning. We accomplish this mainly through story.  Minimal homework also assists with this. Children need to learn responsibilities outside of academics, and family time is more integral to development than math problems. Children learn not only through academics, but also through application and experiencing God's incredible world. With regular field trips, hands on activities, and relaxing lunches, our students feel comfortable in their "home away from home." When they finish school, they can have valuable time with family.  

Core Coursework



This is for the non-verbal student that is struggling with communication due to ASD or other cognitive delays. 

Program details

Ludus I

This is for students just learning to read or that would fall into a K-1st grade learning level. 

Program details

Ludus II

This is for students who are beginning to read well on their own or who  would fall into a 2-3rd grade learning level. 

Program Details

Ludus III

This is for students who are good at reading or that would fall into a 4th-5th grade learning level.   

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Ludus IV

This is for students who are fluent readers or that would fall into a 6th-7th grade learning level.  

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In history, we read stories. We study the story of God's world and of mankind, learning about the  image of God. We rotate through history eras annually:  Ancient Times, Middle Ages, Early Modern Times, and The Modern Age.


Mathematics takes mastery to understand. This means that individualized learning is important in mastering these skills. We use a combination of integrated methods to build important skills, ensure comprehension, and master problem-solving.


We study various science topics within each learning group. We place a special emphasis on  hands-on science experiments as we explore God's world.


Music is interwoven in the fabric of our everyday  worship. We study theory and history on Mondays. 


Art is a part of the hands-on experience that goes along with our themed humanities program.  Additional skills are taught on Mondays with longer projects. 


Our humanities integrates Scriptural stories, and a biblical worldview is woven throughout the program.  We also read, memorize, and discuss the Bible.