Tuition and Fees

Enrollment Fee

Our Enrollment fee is $150.00 for a first time student.

Re-Enrollment Fee

For students attending for a second consecutive year, the $150 Enrollment fee will be deducted from their tuition if re-registered by April 1.


For students that need assistance due to emotional trauma, cognitive delays or cognitive related behaviors we provide a professional assessment that lays out a distinct plan for both the family and the teacher to use consistently.

Book Fees

All curriculum is provided except the literature books that each student will be reading weekly.  These will be available through a purchase fee of the ISBN numbers will be given and families can shop for used books or discounted books if desired. 


Please see tuition prices below. 

Summer Fees

We provide custom summer programs with one on one instruction for students that need this.  This is at a $25/hour rate.  Please contact The Jubilee School for a custom program  in the summer.

Ludus Core Class Program: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Annual tuition:           $3500

     Monthly option      $306.25

Ludus Arts Program: Monday, Friday

Annual tuition:           $2500

    Monthly option       $218.75

Ludus Program: 5-Day

Annual tuition:           $5800

   Monthly option       $507.50

*Annual add on fee for 1-on-1 special needs tutoring $12,000

     Monthly  $1050.00 .  

*we help families by finding sponsors to financially assist with tuition

Tutelia: Students unable to communicate due to Autism Spectrum Disorder or other cognitive delays.

*Annual tuition:  $28,000

     Monthly option  $2,333.33

*we help families by finding sponsors to financially assist with tuition